Setting off from the wizard – 8th June

Sorry this is late but have just been on holiday. On a nice sunny morning, we headed off from the layby just past The Wizard, on the way to Alderley Edge.

We sauntered through the woods to meet with others in the National Trust car park. From there we crossed the road and set off down the lane.


Looking out to the west we got a good view of Jodrell Bank, across the potato field, which looked as though they will do well this year.


The rain we have had has made everything look so green this year.


We took our break in the sleepy church yard, where time had little meaning.


We headed off passing horses in the field whose frames betrayed their recent labours


as they guarded their newly born foals.


The warmth of the day caused the sheep to take shelter in the shade. They roused from their lazy recline as I got close to take a photo.


We returned via shady lanes


occasionally passing open fields which were graced with wild flowers.


The link below is to a map of the walk. The route is shown as a purple line.

Wizard AIR Walk

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