Bakewell’s 13th International Day of Dance – Saturday 27th June 2015

On a warm sunny day, 44 AIR members set off for Macclesfield. For the second time running the coach driver had been given the wrong times (once is a mistake, twice a choice) so we all spent another half hour waiting at the bus stop!

That was the only blemish in a really good day. Bakewell was very crowded for the day of international dance and looked splendid for this occasion.

The river adds to the character of the town


and it is teaming with fish.


Even the heron was attracted there, not put off by the thronging crowds.


The town looked beautiful for this happy day


From 11am till 4.30pm international dance was held in the streets at 6 different venues

We saw ‘Jive’ in the Crescent:


Belly dancing by the Belly Dance Flames (follow the link to see a sample) at Riverside Gadens.


Followed by some tap by the Well Heeled (Appalachian)


We then moved on to Bath Gardens to watch a bit of ‘And Hype’


before watching Mulembas D’Africa (Angolan)


At Water Lane we saw Black Pig – Morris dancers


and around the corner in Portland square the delightful Nandavana and Purnagyan Dance demonstraited clasical Indian dance


They even showed my wife how to do classical Indian hand dancing.

Meanwhile back at the Cresent we saw Timberline Steve who had got lots to join in.


The biggest crowds were at the Riverside where they were enthralled by the Irish Dancers


and amazed at the strength and grace of the Pole Athletes


and entertained by the Spanish La Tiierra Flamenco

We could not resist watching a repeat of the young Indian group.


At water lane we saw Adlington Morris

and then nipped round to Portland Square to see Konga (Dance Fitness) giving it all they had got!


and finally Rueda (Salsa) got many of the crowd to join in


before exhausted we returned to the coach after a very good day.

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