Where quarry men used to tread!

We met in Cliff Lane, a turn off on the Buxton New Road.


You get a good view of the hills towards Bollington from here, but that was not to be the direction of todays walk.


I was dismayed to realise my iPad only had 5% charge and my iPhone even less. Mental note: make sure the plug on the wall is on when recharging!

We crossed the Buxton Road and took the path where the wild flowers stood tall.


and headed off between the trees


and picked our way through a field of thistles.


The view back the way we had come was stunning.


We debated whether we could see Liverpool Cathedral on the horizon. I’m still not convinced, but I’m probably wrong.

I love the grass as it blows in the breeze


as we headed towards Tegg’s Nose


Passing Windyway Kennels on our left, where we saw a dog walker exercising two of the dogs. Something we had often done when our kids were young (our way out of having a dog).


The view from the car park never fails to impress.


and this is where my iPad battery gave out.

So switching to my iPhone I snapped the Ranger Station so that I can remind people that a cafe will be opening here soon. So give it a try.


In the footsteps of quarry workers we headed off down Saddlers Way’


You could almost feel the ghosts of these long gone workers as they would have trudged their way back to Sutton or Langley after their back breaking labours in the dust filled quarries of Tegg’s Nose. I bet they appreciated the views – especially on their way down – but what was it like in the dark of winter!


I doubt there were benches then, for them to break their journey and take in the view.


This view must have uplifted their spirits and given them some refreshment.


New signage now points the way – but I doubt they would have had horses to ride.


We continued going down


and over the stream


and along its edge


and down some more, ever conscious that every step down was one more to come up!


We passed Tegg’s Nose reservoir on our right


with views over Bottoms Reservoir towards the cottages on Clarke Lane – I wonder if quarry workers used to live there.


As we reentered Tegg’s Nose Country Park we learned of ‘bracken spraying’ that had just taken place – no Bilberries for us today!


As we started our ascent


up the steep path.


Half way up we took our break


by a crab apple tree, some one wondered if that was courtesy of a discarded core!


and grassy meadow


where many Meadow Brown butterflies abounded.


and this is where my iPhone battery gave out.

So you will just have to imagine the many beautiful views we witnessed on our way back!

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