A Walk Around Bollington

On 27thApril 2015 we started off by the Vale pub and headed through the park alongside the river.

We headed along the canal and past the Clarence Mill.

You learn some fascinating things when out on these walks. Someone pointed out the rope marks on the bridges made long ago by the horses drawing the barges.

The freshness of spring showed the canal at its best

Even the heron could not resist coming down for a close look, safe on the other side.

We left the canal and paused to watch the pigs graze in the sunshine

Then we headed for higher ground.

Walking along the lane at the top we noticed the dear enjoying the shade of a stand of trees.

We enjoyed our break in the lane with its magnificent views over Bollington.

Spring has been boosted by the good weather we have had and the gauze was out…

…and the lambs were putting on weight.

Back down in the valley all was fresh.

As we headed back to our cars we were reminded of Macclesfields silk heritage through the open door of one of Bollington’s last silk works.

An organisation established by retired people for retired people and run by retired people.