A wet trip along part of Laureen’s ride

On May 18th 2015, seven intrepid walkers braved the rain to undertake a delightful walk around part of Laureen’s ride.

We set off down the path…

with occasional views of lush meadows..

as we walked the wooded pathway.

We crossed fields…

..before reentering the wood and crossing the stream.

Rich Cheshire farmland was in abundance. One farm specialised in greenhouse chrysanthemums.

We took our break under the shelter of a large tree.

On our return we swung by Peover Hall.

The ducks there did not seem to mind the weather…

… and the rain made the lawn look fresh

On the path leading up to the church the rhododendron gave a great show.

St. Lawrence Church sat timelessly…

…at the edge of the hall it no doubt once served.

The sundial hinted of those times..

…but today it was particlarly useless.

The wall garden was kept from plebeian view, no hint of what lay behind the walls was shared with the passer by.

The main drive was viewable from the road.

We headed back to the cars via the side of the hall.

Bluebells were in abundance as we walked down the lane.

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