Bollington, Adlington and Macclesfield Canal

Bluebells, Sun and Nature – what more could you want !

We met in Bollington on 9th My 2016 at the car park near the ranger station on a beautiful sunny Monday morning.

We turned right onto Middlewood way.

Not just walkers, but riders were out enjoying the day.

There was quite a large group of us.

We passed reminders of the recent rains!

We entered Adlington, with its fine houses.

Adlington Primary school had found a good use for recently discarded wellies!

…and it was good to see that not everyone feels it is necessary to have a church that costs a fortune!

We quietly paid our respects at the memorial as we went by.

We followed the shaded path that ran parallel with the road.

Passing the tree mosaic.

Thank you Bridgend Centre and Lynn Knowling.

Our motley crew emerged into the sunshine Herbertbrow Farm.

We cross the bridge over Middlewood way…

…then headed down onto the canal path

People were out on barges sharing the enjoyment of the day.

We headed up onto bridge no. 23.

where we took our break !

relaxing in the beauty of the day.

We took the path…

…up to Styperson Pool.

It was here we first saw the carpets of bluebells 😐

…enhancing the rhododendron….

…providing a blue haze on the hills….

leading up to the blossoming tree…

…and so beautifully surrounding us all.

We walked a little along the road, passing the cottage raising funds for the RSPCA…..

before taking the path down the hill which led back to the canal….

…where we met signs of fellow travellers…..

who, on closer inspection, were on a similar journey as us!

Then back via the canal.

…where the sun had brought the goslings out….

…the alpacas too….

and a heron.

Many of the public enjoying a drink at the mill side cafe.

This canal side poster advertised other eating and drinking places that Bollington had to offer.

Finally we headed back through the park, where Bollington displayed a symbol of its working class heritage.

Thanks for another great walk.

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