From Danebridge to Castle Rock through Back Forest

We met at Danebridge, it was good to see that twenty people had turned out for what promised to be an excellent walk despite the bad weather.

We took a left just over the bridge and headed off along the side of the Dane.


The trail took us through Beck Forest.


It is quite a beautiful place…


…as the path winds along beside the river Dane.


In places the trees were quite thick…


…and they shielded us from the worst of the elements…


…at times we came out into the open and caught views across the river…


…and to the open path ahead…


…and down to the tree lined river in the valley.


We came across a cottage that had been renovated by Rod Hackney, I was informed.


My attention was drawn the car registration plates of the vehicles outside. I am forced to conclude the driver of the vehicle to the right considers himself to be virile and the drivers of the other two vehicles are female having at least two children a piece!  But perhaps they don’t adhere to the strict definitions!

805 v1

Passing the fence it was good to see something thrived in all that rain.


Soon we re-entered the woods.


We passed the place of a recent rock slide, about 15 years ago I was knowledgably informed. Less than the blink of an eye when you consider the surrounding gritstone is some 300 million years old.


The rain highlighted the last of the green undergrowth as the bracken turns to brown.


and nature shows off her beauty in one last contrast of colours.


We then, I was told as legend had it, arrived at the ruins of a depraved old women who preyed on lost travellers in the woods. I will need to read up on that at some time.


Just at this point the path swung right and headed up the hill.


to Castle rock where we took our break. The rain had kindly stopped.


I was told Lud’s church was just a few minutes walk away, a signpost clearly showed the way.

826 v1

Formed from a fault in the rock which caused a rift.


It is believed to have been the place where the ‘Lollards’, the followers of John Wycliffe, a 15th century church reformer, met to worship. It was here that one Walter du Lud-Auk was captured after a church meeting. From this it got its name.


Legend also have it that Robin Hood, Friar Tuck, Bonnie Prince Charlie and Luddites all hid out here. Not at the same time I presume!

After re-joining the main group we followed the high ground back..


…enjoying the respite from the rain…


…and the views across the valley


….and the colour of the Gorse..


as we followed the ‘foot print’ back to Danebridge.

844 v1

We passed Hanging Rock, which I am told has a poem in dedication of a dog engraved upon it. But that will have to be explored on another trip.


We passed waiting sheep, waiting for what who knows!


Before descending through woods…


…to arrive back at Danebridge.


Another great walk courtesy of Hilda and Brian.

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