From Kettleshulme to Pym’s Chair

We set off from Paddock Lane on June 1st 2015. I could not get a signal on my iPhone so I wasn’t able to track the walk.

Rain was forcast for later in the day but it was dry and clear as we crossed the main road and headed out of bustling Kettleshulme!

The young calves were enjoying their rest as we strolled by.

The clematis look splendid as they adorned the old cottage.

The horses continued grazing as we sauntered by.

The lambs fed and played…. their beautiful surroundings.

Only the geese were grumpy as they fearlessly guarded their domain.

We skirted round Dunge Valley Gardens…

…before heading off cross country.

We took our break sheltering from the wind.

Though the clouds gathered the rain held off.

Then we made our way to Pym’s Chair.

It was here that the battery in my ipad gave out. (Not doing well with the technology today!)

I resorted to my iphone to get shots of Windgather Rocks.

Intrepidly we scaled the heights.

Then onward…

enjoying the views towards Goyt Valley.

As we sauntered back…

…just getting back to the cars as it started to rain.

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