From the A53, by Flash and across the moors

On 1tth May 2015 it was sunny when we left Macclesfield, but we entered the low clouds as we drove past the Cat & Fiddle and it looked as though we were in for a we walk.

It was misty and still raining as we set out from the cars. We first headed down a valley south of theA53.

We had a good view of the neighbouring farm lower in the valley.

We started to climb up hill..

…passing a house with a well in its garden.

In the distance you could just see the sun starting to break through.

Wild flowers bordered the fast flowing stream.

Wood anemones were dotted all around.

We utilised agricultural trailors as improvised seating for our break.

The view from our seated position was splendid.

Renewed, we took the path towards Flash.

The horses took little interest in our passing.

This took us out onto the moors.

Up here the daffodils were late and still in flower.

Passing the huts where clay pigeon shooting took place.

Now the sky was almost clear…

…as we made our way to the rocks.

Stopping briefly to look back the way we had come…

…and also out in the other direction.

Before we arrived at our highest point, where people posed for photos.

Then out across Axe Head moor. Where you had to watch your step to avoid getting soggy feet…

or the black pools or the grouse underfoot.

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