Macclesfield Walk

On 2nd May 2016 we were expecting heavy rain by 11am, so we abandoned our planned walk in favour of a walk around Macclesfield, in which we would take in all the parks.

We set off through Riverside Park.

Crossing the river Bollin at the first bridge.

The path led us to the gates of Macclesfield cemetery. A place where many old friends no doubt reside.

Accompanied by beautiful blossom.

We followed the path flanked by those that had gone before.

This led us into West Park, which was quiet for a bank holiday Monday. Most people being deterred by the impending rain !

Passing the almost deserted skate board park and kiddies playground…..and the museum.

Before we crossed into East Cheshire hospital.

…passing the expensive car park (beware of the small print and vigilant clampers)….before turning up by the little lake.

Then down Fairfield Road and across Chester Road and along the path…

…and up behind All Hallows School.

Then down Brooklands Road and along Oxford Road before taking the pedestrian and cycle path across the road from the Flower Pot pub.

We took a left in front of the little pool.

Which brought us out onto an estate where we headed across Wester Drive with its interesting looking bungalows.

We then took a left into South Park.

With the rain still threatening, but not yet arrived. It was here we took our break on tree stumps and benches.

Afterwards we followed the path down bearing right just by the park lake, heading past the mill.

and onto the main road in front of the Mill Lane Chippy. A place I can recommend without hesitation!

We went up back streets, I’d not been before, and found this hidden pool.

Knights Pool was new to me.

We headed into Victoria Park.

Passing in front of Kings Girls School, what was more famously known as Macclesfield Girls Grammar School and then briefly Macc High School …..

…We passed the band stand.

…and a kids football pitch, with a view of St. Michael’s Church in the background.

We crossed the main road by Tesco’s…

…and finally taking the path back towards Riverside Park. We had covered 5 miles and just beat the start of the pouring rain. A nice walk for a change.

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