Off to see the 3 Queens

On 25th May 2015, after a short delay we got on our way. The coach was full and the weather dry.

We arrived in Liverpool at just after 11am. The ships were coming at 1pm.

We strolled along the crowded river banks. Already they must have been 10 deep in places. We decided we would first have a brief look around the Maritime Museum, perhaps we could get a vantage point from one of the top floor windows. We had a cup of tea. One of the windows gave a bit of a view but already a dozen or so people had booked their place!

So we returned to the throng of the riverside. The crowd became so dense it was difficult to move in either direction. So we decided to take our chance from where we were. It was now 12.27.

Everyone waited expectantly.

At 12.58 the first ship came into view, it was Queen Elizabeth 2.

The only way to get a photo was to hold my ipad over my head and hope for the best!

Soon the Queen Victoria and Queen Mary 2 came into view, well at least of my ipad.

When the ships stopped, Queen Victoria was opposite us.

The Queen Mary was opposite Pier Head.

The Queen Elizabeth 2 had gone past us. All three ships started to turn.

By the side of the Holiday Inn hotel we found a less crowded vantage point.

We then tried a view from one of the dock bridges.

They opened the steep road alongside the Echo Arena. I managed to climb a wall!

We walked back past the Liverpool Eye.

The Red Arrows flew overhead. They were gone before I could turn my ipad on.

We sat and ate our sandwiches. We were lucky to find a seat.

We walked back. I found another elevated vantage point, just in time to see all 3 queens together.

I could not resist adding my very own to make four.

The crowd was now thinning out so we were getting more unrestricted views.

We had another hour before the coach left so we went to look round the Tate Gallery. From their play room window we got our final views of the ships.

At 4pm. the coach set off for home. Everyone seemed to have had a great day.

Thank you AIR.

An organisation established by retired people for retired people and run by retired people.