Setting out from Jacksons’ brickworks

Evidence of the old brick works is still around to see. Even though the spoil heaps are overgrown.

The bird hide on the left of the path offers a great view of the reed bed and pond and on a different day would be worth a lingering view.

Wild flowers were out in abundance at the side of the path.

Signage displayed the wares of the country park.

Suddenly we joined the railwayline at Middlewood station and we wandered along the trackside for a while.

Leaving the railway line we crossed the road and followed the path near to the road side. This was quite an obstacle course in places.

The bluebells were out in all their glory.

We crossed the Poynton/Norbury bridge…

…and dropped down to Norbury Brook.

It was beautiful walking along the side of the brook where carpets of bluebells and wild garlic were every where.

Other flowers were spotted by the more observant.

The brook showed signs of its industrial past.

We took our break by the side of the stream.

Then started back over farm land. Where new born calves played in the fields.

We set off down a shady lane .

I was surprised to learn that this had once been the hub of The Poynton coalfield.

We joined the canal for a short while. A carp came to the surface to feed. You wonder what else is in those murky waters.

People take a pride in their canal side places.

From there it was a short step back to the brickworks carpark.

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