Setting out from Rainow

We started from Smithy Road at Rainow, just behind the Robin Hood pub. From there you got a view across to White Nancy, which just could be seen on the horizon. The sky was cloudy but rain did not seem likely.

We took a narrow path up to the main road. Crossing the Hurdsfield road we headed up the track.

At the top we had a good view of Lambaload reservoir.

A ruined farmhouse stood on the top of the hill, now just home to sheep. You wonder what stories these stone have to tell.

We headed down towards the reservoir…

…crossing one of the many stiles we encountered on this walk.

We stopped for a break against a wall.

From there the views were great.

Shortly, we headed off again across the grass.

The grass was lush beside a stream…

…viewed from the simple wooden bridge.

The sheep looked on as we sauntered by…

…the buttercups stood proud…


…as they filled the field…


…before giving way to long bendy grass….


which has its own beauty.


Again we crossed the open fields…


…eventually passing the house of the walk leader…


…where the local ram stood guard!


The sky had considerably brightened as we got back to Rainow…


with just one more stile to cross.


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