Tegg’s Nose from Ridgegate Reservoir

This walk took place on 18th April 2016, setting off for the second week running from Ridgegate Reservoir.

This time we were going to walk up to Tegg’s Nose. So we walked towards the Leather Smithy, turning right just in front of it.

As we ascended the hill we could see Tegg’s Nose to our left.

We headed to the top and then turned left in front of the ruined croft.

As we walked along the path you get some interesting views between the trees.

Now we were heading directly towards Tegg’s Nose.

We admired the restored farm houses as we passed.

All the time Tegg’s Nose was getting closer….

…and we could see it in more detail.

We started our ascent of the path……

finally reaching the picnic tables, near the car park….

…from where you get stunning views.

We stopped at the new cafe. I so enjoyed this place that I completely forgot to take any pictures! I learnt from the ranger that they had wanted to open a cafe for 14 years. The issue was getting drinking water there. This had now been achieved. A great addition it makes, you can still go in and view the information even if you don’t want a drink.

On the outside wall of the cafe there is a map of a part of the Gritstone trail.

We walked up towards the old quarries.

Again the views are great,

with plenty of interesting rock formations.

We passed this touching reminder of Fiona McWilliam, many of you may have known her.

It is nice to see the gauze providing early year colour….

…and making a nice picture with Teggsnose Reservoir behind it.

Now we heading back down to the valley….

…and down the steps….

to the reservoir side with a lone fisherman. He told us he was fishing for Carp, he was just setting up. He told us you could buy day tickets to fish the reservoir from Barlow’s fishing tackle shop in Macclesfield.

Then we crossed the bridge to Bottom’s Reservoir.

After crossing the road we followed Bollin Brook towards Ridgegate Reservoir…..

…enjoying the woodland flowers.

We passed this information on Macclesfield Forest….

….and arrived back behind Ridgegate Reservoir, with views of our cars in the background.

and the end of another enjoyable walk.

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