To ‘Waterloo’ – like Blucher we marched to the sound of the guns, but 200 years late

On a rainy morning, just as it was 200 years ago, we set off. The date was 22nd June 2015. Only we started out from Bollington along the Middlewood way.

We headed across a field of young cows, who seemed to enjoy their lush field.

We headed across a field of young cows, who seemed to enjoy their lush field.

We passed a tribute to The Majestic Ash.

As we took to higher ground we admired a spectacular display of Gunnera Tictoria (Giant Rhubarb).

As we climbed up towards the quarry we were reminded of a local source of materials for those of us who may have a wall or rockery to build.

We stole a view of the beautiful adjoining garden…

…as we headed single file up the steep narrow path…

…where someone had left a poem to celebrate the ninetieth birthday of R. S. Thomas.

As ever the views from the top never disappoint.

Only three days before Bollington commemorated at White Nancy 200 years since the battle of Waterloo. Tributes to the battle abound.

Rainow School class 6 provided a guard at the entrance to the site.

Which stood next to these wise words.

Two old soldiers born 150 years too late belatedly joined ranks with the regiment.

White Nancy remembers that bloody day when 55,000 lay dead or wounded.

And she stood proud above Rainow.

The work a credit to the artist AHN.

We, like Grouchy, arrived too late, but our late arrival should not change destiny.

In the rain we returned to the cars. “It has been a damned nice thing – the nearest run thing you ever saw in your life, by God!

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